There are two ways to replicate our iso files and the sources of some of our packages:


  • if you have an account registered on you can send us an email to dev[at] to add it to our list and perform automatic daily synchronization of the mirror with the command rsync -avh --progress --delete /path/to/local/directory/
  • if you want to synchronize from our primary distribution mirror offered by the Physics Department of Crete University, you can use the command rsync -avh --progress --delete rsync:// /path/to/local/directory/
Mirror Location Hosted by Sync Speed URLs
Crete University Heraklion / Crete / Greece Physics Department / Crete University twice daily 1Gbps click here
ACC Umeå / Sweden ACC twice daily 20Gbps click here
Mirror Garr Rome / Italy Consortium Garr every 4 hours 40Gbps click here
ICM UW Warszawa, Pawińskiego 5A / Poland Interdisciplinary Centre for Modelling, Warsaw University twice daily 10Gbps click here
Quantum Mirror Miskolc / Hungary Quantum Mirror every 5 hours 700Mbps click here
NLUUG Amsterdam / Netherlands Nluug Mirror every 5 hours 20Gbps click here
DotSrc Aalborg / Denmark - Aalborg University every 4 hours 10Gbps click here
FastMirror Kyiv / Ukraine FastMirror every 4 hours 1Gbps click here
Onet Kraków / Poland Ringier Axel Springer Polska twice daily 20Gbps click here
Yandex Central Russia Yandex once a day 10Gbps click here

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