Code of Conduct (version 1.0 written on 2/17/2022)


  1. Be respectful: In a project, there will inevitably be people with whom you will disagree, or it will be difficult to cooperate. Accept it and remain respectful. Disagreement is no excuse for bad behavior or personal attacks, and a community in which people feel intimidated is not a healthy community.
  2. Assume good faith: Ufficio Zero employees have several ways to achieve our common goal of a free and free operating system that may be different from yours. Assume that other people are working towards this goal.
  3. Be collaborative: there is always a lot to learn in our project. It is a good idea to ask for help when you need it. Likewise, offers of help should be seen in the context of our common goal of improving Ufficio Zero. When you do something for the benefit of the project, be willing to explain to others how it works so that they can expand your work to make it even better.
  4. Try to be succinct: Keep in mind that what you write once will be read by hundreds of people. Writing a short email means people can understand the conversation as efficiently as possible. Try to bring new topics into a conversation so that each email adds something unique to the speech, keeping in mind that the rest of the discussion contains the other messages with the topics already covered. Try to stay on topic, especially in discussions that are already long enough.
  5. Be open: Most of the methods used to communicate in the Ufficio Zero allow for both public and private communication. You should prefer public methods of communication for Ufficio Zero related messages, except for confidential information. This also applies to any help or support messages related to Ufficio Zero; not only does a public request have a better chance of being answered, but it ensures that any unintended mistakes made by those who answered your question can be easily identified and corrected.
  6. Be responsible: In every project concrete help is needed to improve the visibility of the project itself and to make progress all together. Developers and other team members are asked little but are often asked quickly to meet deadlines and fix any bugs for which responsiveness is required, when necessary. If you become part of a project, you take it for granted that there is the will to improve and progress hand in hand with the project and not instead of being part of a team only when you have the desire or time.
  7. In Case of Problems: While participants must abide by the code of conduct, we recognize that sometimes people can have bad days, or be unaware of the guidelines in this code of conduct. When this happens, you can respond to them and indicate this code of conduct. Such messages can be public or private, whichever is more appropriate. However, regardless of whether the message is public or private, it should still be in line with the relevant parts of this code of conduct: in particular, it should not be offensive or disrespectful. Assume good faith; Participants are more likely to be unaware of their bad attitudes rather than intentionally intended to degenerate the quality of the discussion. Anyone who transgresses repeatedly or seriously will be temporarily or permanently prevented from communicating through the Ufficio Zero systems. Reports should be made (privately) to the administrators of the Ufficio Zero communication forum.


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