Introduction: by sponsoring Ufficio Zero Linux OS you are helping to give the development team regular and constant income. It represents for us the best source of income for the project, considering that we face monthly expenses to keep all the services active. As a sponsor, your name is associated with the success of our project and you will have visibility within and around its community. You will be recognized by users and visitors as one of the reasons Ufficio Zero Linux OS is successful and available for free.

Sponsorship levels: we offer 3 levels of sponsorships with an indication of accessible costs starting from Gold (monthly sponsorship of € 250), and passing through Silver (monthly sponsorship of € 200) to get to Bronze (monthly sponsorship of € 150).

Exposure on the website: all sponsors will have visibility on the project sponsors page. The landing page of the website shows the Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors and some of our partners.

Exposure in the announcements: all sponsors will have visibility on articles related to the releases of new versions. In these articles they will be thanked for giving the opportunity to the project to continue steadily.

How to start sponsorship: if you believe in this project you can contact SIITE SRLS company that manages it and start the sponsorship.

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