Ufficio Zero Linux OS is an open source operating system created by SIITE SRLS, that has acquired the historical domain and makes available virtual servers to host web services, mail services, repositories and sharing services for the development team.

The project is aimed to professionals, freelancers, private and public entities who want to use a free, useful and easy-to-understand tool.

Ufficio Zero Linux OS is currently supplied in various versions:

  • Ufficio Zero Linux codename Urbino for PC with 32/64 bit processors, based on LMDE5 and with Mate desktop manager
  • Ufficio Zero Linux codename Cagliari for PC with 64bit processors, based on PCLinuxOS and with KDE5 desktop manager
  • Ufficio Zero Linux codename Tropea for PC with 64bit processors, based on Linux Mint 20.x and with Mate desktop manager
  • Ufficio Zero Linux codename Portofino for PC with 32bit processors, based on Devuan 4 Chimaera and with Mate desktop manager

We have also created Duplica, a bare metal restore solution that contains everything you need to backup and restore system images, recover deleted files, reset administrative passwords and much more.

Which version to choose?

If you have a powerless desktop PC with 32bit processor, the version to be used is Portofino, if you have a netbook with 32bit processor, the version to be used is Urbino, otherwise if you have a desktop PC or laptop / notebook with a 64bit processor you can use Urbino, Cagliari, Tropea.

What are the differences between the Cagliari and Urbino/Tropea versions?

The differences are manifold but both systems are equipped with a worthy fleet of software and are therefore both ready for use. Just install the operating system to enjoy every pre-installed application.

Cagliari version uses apt as a basic installer for the applications and has the synaptic package manager, however the packages used are in .rpm format, the system is a rolling release, so once installed it is possible to have infinite system updates except in the case there are substantial changes with the next release. It is recommended for users who are somewhat familiar with linux.

Urbino and Tropea versions use apt as a basic application installer, but also synaptic and a visual application manager to choose other extra applications to install. Are based on Linux Mint so hardware recognition and configurations can be done with greater flexibility, therefore it is recommended for beginners or those who want to switch from proprietary systems to ours.

Theese five versions are out of the box, so after system installation you will have a system ready for use with applications already pre-installed and othhers taht can be installed with post-installer or tasks.

The end of support for each release is indicated at this link.