Linux for Office is back!

Operating System

Ufficio Zero 1.x uses xUbuntu 18.04 LTS operating system and its mirrors and it's supported until April 2021.

Ufficio Zero 2.x was released in three versions: Mantova (64bit), Vieste (64bit) and Roma (32bit).


Ufficio Zero comes with a most powerfull productivity suite.

LibreOffice, LibreCad, many different cloud clients, FireFox, Thunderbird, Chromium, Zoom, TrueConf and many others.


We're looking for iso images mirror to increase stability and download speed through torrents.

If you're interested you can follow the instructions at this link.

Our Aim

We want to make Ufficio Zero a complete, updated and free operating system for all professionals who want to try it and who decide to use it.

This is why We want to integrate third-party drivers for advanced hardware recognition.

Become a Partner

We're constantly looking for partners who can finance our project, donate equipment, host our services, advertise our project.